VoRS – Vo(IP) Really Simple. Very simple and usable multi-user VoIP solution. Some kind of alternative to Mumble without gaming-related features.

But why? SIP-based solutions are pretty complicated to setup, because they are not made for simple tasks like sudden voice chats between a few people. WebRTC-based solutions are insane bloated incredible monsters by complexity and size, hardly possible to debug and having frequent compatibility problems. They work mainly only if you use the same kind of software and codecs, for example Chromium, that requires dozens of gigabytes of disk space and much RAM, CPU time to build it. Taking an enormous amount of CPU power to slowly work with it. Is not it pure insanity for such relatively simple task?

Mumble has wonderful simplicity and workability, but its client is written on Qt, which requires hundreds of megabytes of additional libraries to build it up. And users tend to complain about its newer client versions quality and convenience.

So let’s write as simple VoIP talking client as it is possible, without compromising convenience and simplicity for the user! I just want a simple command, which only requires to specify the server’s address with the key to just immediately talk with someone.

VoRS is copylefted free software licenced under GNU Affero GPLv3. It should work on all POSIX-compatible systems.

Server and two clients

Server (above) and two clients (left and right) in a terminal multiplexer